House Mountain Farm
                                                                                Corryton, Tennessee

Inviting New Boarders To House Mountain Farm


Special for 2018! New pasture boarders sign on with just a four-month contract for a special rate of $175.00/month. 

Let your equine pal live on the farm while you try out the facilities, frolic through our fields, and maybe take some riding lessons to spice up your routine or even gain new skills for you and/or your horse! 

It won’t take long at all to fall in love with the beautiful landscape and picturesque House Mountain, so enjoy this special six-month boarding fee while you take in the sights and form a routine and unique bond with the land and the company. 

We have pastures a plenty and riding arenas to ride and enjoy being with your equine partner while enjoying the quite atmosphere and good people surrounding the farm.

Terms: contract honored for a time of four months at signing. Special rate applies during the four months. If you choose to stay and extend your contract, new boarding fees, as agreed between parties will apply (please see the About HMF tab for boarding information).